Are you ready for the rest of your life?

Most Australians don’t have enough money to fund their retirement and will have to rely on the aged pension. In fact, Australians have the biggest superannuation shortfall in Asia and the fourth largest in the world. [1]

If that’s how ill-prepared we are financially for retirement, imagine how little we’ve planned for all the other areas of life after work.

A transition is an important life event; a change or passage from one stage to another. And retirement is one of the most significant transitions we’ll face.

At Transition Partnership, we believe most people face transitions unaware of exactly what’s involved or feeling afraid and uncertain about what to do—and so often do nothing.

Is that you? Are you nearing retirement? Are you ready?

We can help you to find out.

We build a trusting partnership with you at this significant life stage so you can feel comfortable to face the challenges and choices of change.

It doesn’t have to be difficult. It just needs to be planned.

And that’s exactly what we do. We provide assessment, interpretation and coaching services to plan for and support you through your transition.

We build trust. We listen. We understand. And, most importantly, we help you to take action so you can enter your retirement with relief and excitement, not fear.

Get started today.


[1] Australian Broadcasting Corporation 2015, ‘HSBC report says Australians in denial about superannuation’, aired 19 January 2015, PM program,