How will you develop?

Personal development includes all the active and intentional actions that you perform that improve yourself. These can include personal reading, informal and formal education, self-discipline and self-vitality, practicing care compassion, courage, kindness, patience, wholeness, independence, forbearance, authenticity and many other civic and personal virtues. At its core, personal development … [Read more...]

Leisure and Social

All that you like to do when you don’t have to do anything else is contained in your leisure arena. Fun and play, hobbies and sports, relaxation and rest, and so much more, are all part of this area. In your retirement years, however you conceive of them now, you will most likely spend much more life energy in your leisure arena than you did in your full-time working years.   There are four … [Read more...]

Relationships are important

 Physical level On a physical level we have a long heritage of developing relationships. In our primitive state, mankind depended upon cooperation with his and her companions for survival. An individual was decidedly vulnerable on the open range or forest. When humans learned to cooperate through communal hunting, defence, gathering food, and the like, their chances for survival rose … [Read more...]

Finances are important

How well are your attitudes and information about money serving you today? Contrast how you think of money today, to how your parents thought of money, and how your siblings and your children (if you have any) think of money. Money plays a significant motivational role in our lives. Money can offer a sense of security when we feel our finances are in order, and a sense of foreboding if we feel … [Read more...]

Wellness, what is it

Health and Wellness consists of all the energy that you expend helping your body and mind work as healthfully as possible. We are each in-charge of the care and maintenance of our body, and our own mental attitude. This includes how you maintain your physical health, how you relate to yourself internally and how you discipline yourself physically and mentally. Three levels of Wellness Wellness … [Read more...]