Ready2Retire Assessment

The Ready2Retire Assessment uses the Retirement Success Profile (RSP), which is a scientifically designed on-line assessment tool that  identifies personal retirement strengths and concerns for people over 45 who are planning their retirement, or who are already retired.

The RSP Assessment contains 120 questions and takes about 30-45 minutes to complete. The results provide an accurate and comprehensive picture of your overall level of readiness for retirement by comparing your scores on 15 success factors to others who have taken the RSP, and by comparing your own individual Present – Behaviour (PB) scores to your own Retirement Expectation (E) scores. Once completed on-line, your results are emailed to you in less than 24 hours. You receive a 20 page Personalized Interpretive Report, which will indicate success factors you have already accomplished, and the ones that may require more attention in order for you to move smoothly through this life transition.

The goal of the RSP is to provide you with the most accurate, personalized and comprehensive retirement planning information possible. The RSP has been validated, administered and interpreted by thousands of individuals over the past 20 years, and is continually refined. You will also receive an e-copy of the companion book: The New Retirement

FEE: A$100 + GST

Ready2Retire Assessment + Interpretation Package FEE: A$250 + GST