Ready2Retire Interpretation

After you complete the Ready2Retire Assessment, you will have the option of a Ready2Retire Interpretation session with your Certified Retirement Coach. This session will be 60 minutes in length. During this session we will interpret, evaluate, explore, and discuss your RSP results and begin to develop a retirement plan for continued success in your journey. Ready2Retire Interpretation has 3 components:

  1. Interpretation
    The Ready2Retire Assessment allows illuminated insight and understanding. It brings to light the uniqueness of people and provides clear definition of those affective and expressive factors that can be the most powerful motivators for success in retirement. Your Certified Retirement Coach will use the results to interpret the Assessment and use this to help you build a plan for a successful transition to retirement.
  2. Life-Transition Personal Insight Exercises
    The Life Transition Personal Insight Exercises further extend and personalize the material from your 20 page Assessment. Both coach and client together use the exercises to give sharper focus and heightened personal meaning to the 15 retirement success factors. Your Certified Retirement Coach will facilitate you to generate the very best retirement transition decisions and build the most satisfying stage of living possible.
  3. Powerful questions for personal activation
    For each factor in the Assessment a set of powerful questions has been designed that can quickly frame or re-frame issues that are personally relevant and innately motivational for you. Your Certified Retirement Coach will use these powerful questions to bring greater clarity – all focused on practical ways of living better, while honouring your uniqueness.

FEE: A$190 + GST

Ready2Retire Assessment + Interpretation Package FEE: A$250 + GST