Relationships are important

 Physical level

On a physical level we have a long heritage of developing relationships. In our primitive state, mankind depended upon cooperation with his and her companions for survival. An individual was decidedly vulnerable on the open range or forest. When humans learned to cooperate through communal hunting, defence, gathering food, and the like, their chances for survival rose significantly.

Such cooperation allowed humans to form tribes and/or communities. In a very real sense, the better the tribe became at relationship building, the greater their chances for ultimate success, expanded property, wealth development and power.

Psychological level

On a psychological level, we learn who we are through our relationships. It is in encounters with others that we come to better understand what is actually on our minds. We are constantly in search of growth, individuality, of becoming all that we can become. The better we can express what we are thinking and feeling, the more accurately we can come to know the uniqueness of this wonderful personality that has been given to us.

Spiritual level

On a spiritual level, relationship building is the story of our ongoing dialogue with something outside ourselves. As we deepen our relationships with others we quite naturally grow closer and closer to the core of our personality, the place where we find the reality within. Here is where we discover spiritual intimacy, that condition where we come to know and to share our most closely held truth, beauty and goodness.